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  • I discovered Armanda's profile a bit over half a year ago, and I am not afraid to admit that he is changing my life! His knowledge and logical thinking, which he shares, encouraged me to make the best possible decisions for my future, and I have purchased the Crypto workshop that Armandas is running. The workshop is easy to access and even easier to understand and learn from. He not only explains what crypto or Bitcoin is but also shows how to make our own decisions, what to look for in crypto, and how to invest in the right crypto at the right time. He provides accurate information with real proofs and real examples, as well as shares his own experience with weekly updates on how his portfolio is doing and how the market is doing. It works well for me because I am not so confident in doing my own research for information about markets and banks, so without Armandas' workshop, I would not be able to stay on top of the crypto news. He genuinely provides weekly facts and his own research to enable me to make my successful investments. This simply proves that his workshop is a must-have! Moreover, he goes the extra mile and gives away his predictions for what could happen in the near future, and so far, he has never been wrong! It's crazy! I have never met an investor who shares his success with others so openly and genuinely. The best part of this amazing journey is that he showed me how to become a millionaire myself. I will forever be grateful for this!

    Jurate B
  • I have been working with Armandas in the Forex academy for around 18 months. I didn't have any idea about trading, and the courses have been like an "idiot's guide" in explaining everything to the point where I can now make live trades and have made profits in my last two months. Armandas also does two live trading sessions per week, where academy members can join in or watch the recording afterward, so he puts his money where his mouth is.

    I send my trades to Armandas monthly, and he takes the time to analyze each one in-depth and come back to me with a recording explaining everything. Armandas is very honest but fair with his feedback, as he does not want any of his members to get ahead of themselves and lose money.

    I could not recommend Armandas highly enough if you are like me and knew nothing about trading but are keen to learn. It is not an overnight journey, but with hard work, I will be in a position to become a full-time trader once I have enough funds to add to my account.

    Jay E
  • I joined supreme freedom academy a couple of years ago wanting to learn to trade and Armandas has helped me do that. Anything I dont understand i send a message to Armandas and he gets back to me fast explaining everything I need to know, if you want to become a full time trader this is the place to be. This is the best value for your money you can get for a trading academy as most other people don't put the time in to help and when they do it gets very expensive the information you get in this academy Is worth so much more. If your serious about becoming a full-time trader look no further it will change your life if your willing to put the work in.

    Joe E
  • I have been a part of both the Forex Trading Academy and Crypto Academy, and I could not speak highly enough of Armandas! He is always on hand to help when required and answer any questions. He doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk too! He will help you in whatever way he can! If you're thinking of taking your first steps into crypto, I couldn't recommend Armandas highly enough.

    Anthony M
  • Purchasing your 7-week trading workshop has been the best decision to help me develop in my trading journey. Choosing a course as a beginner was hard but necessary, as you can only get so far using free content on YouTube. The content on your workshop and Forex academy goes far beyond how much you charge for it. The pre-recorded sessions take you from all the basics, on how to use TradingView and understand the charts, and eventually tailor to helping you develop a clear, specific strategy. A course I had been using before taught many different fundamentals but was very vague and never helped me figure out a proper clear strategy to put in place. You show great focus on other essential skills, with a great focus on psychology, which is the biggest thing in trading. The live sessions you provide are fantastic as well in helping to see how a successful trader goes through the charts in real-time and really solidifies what I had learned in the recorded sessions. Seeing you constantly observe the dollar and yen indices, flipping between different time frames, and always considering important world financial news helped me develop so much more as a trader. Any issues I have regarding trading or anything else, you are quick to respond and show great help. I admire how you are as a person and what you have achieved in your life journey so much and inspire me to strive for great success. Your workshop has helped me develop so much as a trader and make my dreams of achieving financial freedom ever closer. 👍

    Emile H
  • Armandas is the best Forex and Crypto mentor, full of knowledge, very humble guy who wants success for others who are willing to put in the work .

    The Forex trading style he teaches is simple but it works. He doesn't over complicate things, while also sprinkling in great life advice along the way.

    He teach us every aspect of trading and how to trust the process.

    Also I have learned a lot about cryptocurrency’s in Crypto Workshop , the understanding of the market and investing.

    If ever you’re looking for a mentor in your trading journey and willing to put in the work , Armandas is the right person for it , highly recommend!!

    Forever grateful 🙏🏼

    Ieva U
  • Working closely with Armandas was a great and insightful experience. He has the ability to simplify even the most difficult topics, making them easy to understand for anyone looking for more knowledge and advice.

    If you are interested in his area of expertise, I would highly recommend reaching out. His passion and drive speak for themselves. The future is in your hands, and the people you surround yourself with can make all the difference.

    Agata B
  • I would highly recommend Armandas Forex and Crypto Trading Academy. It is really understandable and the best value for money. There are a lot of people saying they can teach you, but Armandas' academy is more like a one-to-one experience where he is there to answer all your questions.

    Lee C
  • I started the online academy with Armandas around 6 months ago, after being introduced to it by a friend. As a beginner to trading, his teaching method was excellent and easy to follow. Armandas was very knowledgeable about Forex and I have learnt a lot from him in a short space of time. He was a great mentor and always available for advice and guidance when needed

    Anthony C
  • I have been a part of many trading academies in my time, and I can definitely say that the Supreme Crypto and FX Academy is amazing value for money. Armandas is highly educated in many markets, and you can tell that he is very experienced when he is presenting on Zoom, for example. He is also extremely concise and to the point, which is very helpful in the information age because we get bombarded with so much these days. He helps gauge the direction of the market very well, and he is a lot easier to understand than other trading academies I've worked with, without mentioning names. That's not my style. I imagine I'll be working with this guy for a while yet. It's worth my time and money.

    Alex M
  • When I took on my first course with Armandas I was worried as I had no knowledge in Crypto  I was worried that I was wasting my hard earned money i was also worried as I didn't know him

    Turns out it was the complete opposite what a genuine guy and great teacher I've gone from knowing nothing to a wealth of information and skills I'm now on my second course with him which is forex and getting the same great experience I would highly recommend these courses to anyone looking to move forward in life can't praise this guy and what he is doing enough

    Paul B
  • Armandas offers THE best value for my dollar with both his crypto and forex academies! The service is very affordable and grants instant access to not only hours upon hours of quality insider content but also 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring 24/7 (he is very busy but always makes the time for his clients!). Armandas is committed to helping me and the rest of his academy members grow as forex traders and long-term crypto investors, provided that we are also committed to upping our game and personal development! He genuinely wants to share the secrets to his successes, so rest assured that you are in good hands. If there was ever an exception to the saying "if it's too good to be true, it probably is", well, you better pinch yourself, because it is true that the academies and coaching services offered by Armandas are this good and you won't find a better deal anywhere else!

    Michael F
  • In a world where everyone seems out to scam you, it's nice to have a reliable, honest, neutral education of the crypto market. I wish I had bought and watched the course earlier,  however it's better late than never.

    Excellent content! The amount of knowledge, info and experience shared by Armandas is invaluable.  Constantly being pushed to take responsibility for your decisions, manage your risk and how to do your own research.

    Now with the knowledge gained I will invest smartly at the right times and with the right coins.

    Brilliant value for money. Armandas  knows what he is talking about. Came in as a total beginner and I am learning so much valuable information already.

    As they say "The best thing you can invest in is yourself".

    Paulina J

Cryptocurrency Academy & Workshop

Once you purchase the 4 week “RETIRE EARLY WITH CRYPTO” workshop you will receive LIFETIME access to it. It consists of 8 live recorded classes where I will be teaching you the most important aspects of investing into cryptocurrencies. The workshop will include the following:

➡️ A breakdown of what Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are.

➡️ Understanding the importance of blockchain technology in cryptocurrencies.

➡️ Understanding the different categories of cryptocurrencies.

➡️ What to look for as an investor when investing in cryptocurrencies.

➡️ How to identify high-risk versus low-risk investments and choose the best option for you.

➡️ How to invest securely and keep your crypto assets stored safely.

➡️ Access to my entire 6-figure crypto investment portfolio and showing you how you can create your own.

➡️ A roadmap on how to make 1 million from your investments, regardless of how much you are able to invest.

➡️ How to earn passive income from your cryptocurrency.

Additionally, at no extra cost, once you purchase the workshop, you will receive:

➡️ 6 months of free access to my original Supreme Freedom Crypto Investing Academy.

➡️ Weekly updates on what is happening inside and outside the market.

➡️ In-depth analysis of 20 different cryptocurrencies.

➡️ 24/7 access to me for support, guidance, and questions.

And more valuable content within the academy that will help you understand economies, banks, interest rates, other asset classes, chart reading, understanding of important data, money, etc.

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Forex Academy & Workshop

Once you purchase the 7 week forex trading workshop , you will receive LIFETIME access to it. Inside the workshop you will learn everything from A to Z of what you need to know to become a successful forex trader. It consists of 14 live recorded classes where I will be teaching you the most important aspects of trading, including:

👉 Identifying market structure

👉 Marking key levels

👉 High probability trading patterns

👉 How and why to enter trades

👉 How to manage trades

👉 Trading psychology

👉 Risk management

Additionally, at no extra cost, once you purchase the 7-week workshop, you will receive:

  • Full access for 6 months to our Supreme Freedom Forex Trading Academy
  • Access to 2 live trading sessions every week
  • 24/7 access to me for support, guidance, questions, etc.
  • Video reviews and feedback on your trading progress
  • A driven and motivated community.

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